Saturday, January 31, 2009

Strike that... Reverse it...

This blog will be focused on the discussion and readings from the LIS 680 course taught at Pratt during the Spring 2009 semester. The course is focusing on technology and construction of a new definition of literacy based on the new developments of our culture. It seems as if there is a big gap in place in our culture with those who have grown up with computers and those who have not. Also the academic response to new technology also seems to be dependent on this age difference. As one of the people who have always had computers, it appears that those who have not are very frightened and confused about how to address and educate those who are more techno-literate. From the readings it seems as if many of the techno-illiterate academics want to throw out all education models and create a new one that will address the new techno-literate generation. However, to me it seems as if it should be more of a melding of both, you can't possibly know how to type if you don't first learn the alphabet and if you can't type you will struggle using a computer. If you don't understand common board games you perhaps would not understand a video game, although that's not as clear of a connection now with the leap frog technologies. The world has changed, but I feel that a lot of what we've developed for models of education have lots of value and should perhaps adapt to new technologies, but it is definitely not the end of the print world. The world did not crumble when the overhead projector was invented, nor should it fall apart when facebook or googledocs does, it all should be seen as a new tool that aids in learning rather than detracting from it.

Anyway these are just a few of my initial ponderings about this topic and I hope to understand more of both sides positions on this issue and I am looking forward to the class discussions and readings for this course.