Sunday, April 19, 2009

bid ideas.

So I was having a discussion with some of my friends this week about the internet and what the next step could be from here, and began to think of this video:

In the video
Luis von Ahn discusses a few of his big ideas to make the Internet more academically useful and how to implement games to make simple problems fixable and quickly.  It seems really simple but this combines so many of the ideas we've been discussing in class I had to put it here as well. 

The words that OCR (Optical Character Recognition) cannot pick up or does pick up wrongly so the digitization movement can move more productively forward.  When you buy tickets from Ticketmaster now you are helping this new wave of digitization, that's pretty incredible to me.

But thinking about that idea even further, the idea of making a game on the internet that allows for the human input that many of these new technological tools are missing could be an enormous industry and would allow for more time to be spent with family and those that perhaps could not find a job elsewhere have a little money come in.  

This perhaps is the next step after Gee's understanding of interactive learning and could be a small part of the future career options for the video game generation... I'm not sure of course its all reading a crystal ball but it's rather exciting to begin to think about the possibilities.

Play some of the Games With a Purpose here:


  1. thats awesome. going to play now!

  2. Great clip! My husband and I really enjoyed it! And when we played the gwap games, that was fun too!

  3. That annonymous clip is from me, Chana. Something's going on with the posting.

  4. really glad you liked it chana and emily!