Friday, April 3, 2009


I guess a first note on wikis. I knew of the background area of wikis prior to the class and I had a respect for them and I also dismiss them in a sense as well... There's something silly that I've been trying to do on wikipedia for some time. The actor Peter Saarsgard, he's dating or married to Maggie Gyllenhall, he is from my hometown and I've been trying to put his name on the list of famous people from my city, and everytime I have tried this over the past few months it is deleted in an hour or two after I put it up, I put the source of imdb stating he's from the city and I link his name to his page within wikipedia, still no dice. It's seems like a really small thing to do, but yet it doesn't fly, I don't know how you can get something successfully published on wikipedia these days, its seems to have too many watchdogs almost. However, I do when I see a spelling or grammatical error I fix it, and that always stands, so I'm not sure what's going on...

So that's my bit about wikis, moving into google which is exciting, and also podcasting (whoa!) totally excited about that.
Google is a very interesting business model they have developed marketing in a way that is similar to apple and yet dissimilar. And overall google is by far more innovative than any web company that I can think of there is always something new and their stunt with
CADIE this week for April Fools has kept me entertained endlessly. I suppose they can keep this up, there's really no one that is trying to be as hip and yet user friendly its a balance they've maintained and they also have a geeky streak which drives even more people that may be skeptical in, there are many fronts that I think are impeccable about their practices. I use many of the tools and there are some that i've played with but can't seem to find a use for yet.

I met someone just before Christmas who was vacationing here from California who worked for Google and had been working the past year on
Google Health, and to me Google Health seems really out of the box for them and really trying to shake things up, and this man had made it his life for so long he was really into the possibilities of having people being able to keep track of their medical data online, but to me it just didn't seem like a easily accessible idea. I haven't heard much about it since it has launched, so I'm thinking my hunch is right, but maybe one day Google Health will be all we're talking about. They seem to have more hits than misses.

I keep ending with videos, this is a great one about twittering everyone's newest passion/pet peeve:

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