Friday, May 8, 2009


When I first entered and registered for the class, I was expecting the class to be a direct way of how to teach technology to students and children in general, what the class actually taught was much more.  It was interesting trying to think of the application of many of these new programs into libraries. 

The discussion of video games especially seems helpful for many people are still not seeing the place for video games within a library system.  On the other hand, many of the discussed mediums I can't see of being great use, Twitter, Facebook, etc... but as I think about it more and more I'm coming around to those more and more.  It seems as if it's a fly by night fad and it takes someone or multiple people to work on keeping these up to date, it could be worth it to promote your institution and also as a reference tool.

The readings were incredibly interesting, although I didn't agree much with Postman or McLuhan, its definitely though how many people still feel about many new technologies/mediums, so it's good to know what you're up against so to speak.  

Overall, it was a good class, I do wish that there was more direct conversation towards lesson planning and directly how kids respond to instructional tech teaching.  Anyway thank you all its been very exciting and the discussions in class were always very interesting.

I'll end the course with this video again from the TED series of Brewster Kahle discussing the complete digital library.

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